With more than two decades in the industry, our appraisers offer expert appraisal of your jewelry, precious gems, fine watches, coins and precious metals. What this means to you is that SC Pawn Shop management has a reputation for paying top dollar for these items because, unlike other such lenders, we are so certain of the value of your items that we do not need to add in the large margin of safety that inexperienced appraisers must. That results in more money in your pocket. 

Again, it is not enough just to read the website. The first step is to place a phone call and arrange a convenient appointment. Appointments may be made on a moment’s notice or at a future convenient time. Then, gather all of your diamonds, gold, platinum, coins and upscale timepieces and get in your car and bring them in. The last steps are to have us inspect the items and complete the simple paperwork. Then you walk away with a check in your hands. These FREE tools and this advice are meant to describe how we can best work together so you can have the most favorable experience.

Why Us?

The objective of coming to a pawn shop for most people is to generate the needed resources to cover one’s monthly needs, search for a deal or just to get rid of items that are no longer being used. By letting go of diamond jewelry, gold and fine watches that are not needed, it can tidy up the home and free up some extra resources. It is our mission to make the process fast and easy for you. We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of higher levels of client satisfaction by providing a safe, comfortable, friendly environment and offering more than the competition.


Items are stored offsite in a secure bank vault and none of the collateral items are stored in our offices. With this information you can feel confident that your valuables used as collateral for the funds we provide to you are as safe and secure as possible. So, if you are experiencing a financial rough patch and need cash now, you know that you can trust SC Pawn Shop as your exclusive pawn shop of choice. For clients wishing to sell jewelry or borrow using jewelry as collateral, we are pleased to offer free verbal appraisals of your valuables.